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Mythical Strength

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Hey strength seekers

Inspiration and Strength.  Metal and Power.  Creating gear that stands out, that transcends ordinary is what I do.  My latest in mythical strength gear is now at  home in the Atlanta Falcons NFL team training room.  Check out these pictures. 

Giant B-52's back but limited, really limited

Limited B-52's 12 while they lastThe B-52 was a giant club, name inspired by ZenKahuna. They are limited because the main bodies are heavy duty tanks that are being weeded out of circulation. The first batch I had was 55 and they went faster than I ever thought they would, then 2, 3, and [...]

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Strength of the gods in your hands

Hey strength seekersOld school is and always will be the quickest and simplest, way to health and strength. You've seen Rocky with Sly Stallone, I hope!! If not, you probably shouldn't be ready my blog. The old school training that Rocky does, the simple, yet brutal training that he endures, it's what life [...]

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The Ultimate Mace StrongerGrip Adjustable Mace

Hey strength seekersMace swinging has been a staple in my physical activities. The StrongerGrip adjustable mace is the ULTIMATE Mace. Allowing you to adjust the handle length AND the weight of the Globe. The handle telescopes and locks in at 4 different lengths and the Globe can be loaded with steel shot, sand, [...]

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Gear Givaway

Hey strength seekersWe are running a contest Giveaway and the Prize is a Red BandGrip Handle, Fatgripz extreme and BandAnchor. The Video shows how easy it is to use your Resistance bands with no hassle.Check out all the Armwrestling specific training gear here. Hammer Sale is still happening until next Thursday!! 15% off all Thor [...]

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BandGrips Handle StrongerGrip

Hey Strength seekersUsing resistance bands are a fantastic way to build some serious strength. The resistance is a constantly increasing/decreasing load depending on how you use them. One thing is there is not a unloaded factor when using them. As long as the band is being stretched the load is active and alive. [...]

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Arnold Classic Armwreslting Challenge

Hey strength seekersThis is the 3rd year I've been asked to attend the Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge, the first year as a spectator which was also the year that I was exposed Armwreslting for the first time and was blown away and hooked.  It was truly amazing.  This year in coming up with awards for [...]

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SledgeHammer work is for all ages

Swinging a sledgehammer is and always will be a symbol of work.  Good hard work.  Using a tool so simple, and yet so brutal can bring about strength, coordination and power like no other.  I will be getting into some of the finer points of swinging a sledge this month. Doing some instructional videos to [...]

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Monster Sledgehammer Review

Hey strength seekers Hard labor jobs are a dying thing in this day and age.  Many will never know what hard labor means, much like other things of the past that have gone away,  hard physical labor is something that the body needs to thrive.  Your job may not be strenuous or physically demanding, but you [...]

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Freedom and Health

I want Freedom and I want good health.  Anyone else?  I left my regular job 6 years ago to go full on StrongerGrip.  Freedom from a boss and management was a relief and so worth it.  Health, I have been learning and working on my health since I was 14.  Mental and physical.  I'm a [...]

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