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Valkyrie Hammers

Hey Strength seekersA while back I added the sleek Valkyrie hammers.  Much like the Thor hammers, simply smoother and rounder lines. Here are some pictures of the different colors that people have ordered.  If you would like a set, add them to your StrongerGrip cart and if you want them bare metal with clear coat [...]

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Swing Handle for Mighty swings (or mini)

Hey Strength seekersThe Plateau Buster swing handle was conceived many years ago now by the idea that Adam T Glass had.  It is a brutal device that can be loaded with brutally heavy weights.  It has actually had over 1000 lbs on it using a additional bar to accommodate a shit ton of weight on [...]

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Hammer Time

Hey strength seekersCheck out this collage of hammers and some shots of the process. 

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More Mace Swinging Action with the 3 Column Modular Strength Handle

Hey strength seekersThe 3 Column handle allows you so many hand/grip options when used with the mace plug in.  I love it. Check out he video.  Then get the 3 Column Modular Strength Handle Package and have fun with all the uses.

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Thor Hammer big and small

Hey Strength seekersMy StrongerGrip hammers have been in demand for the last 3-4 years.  The basic designs are staples in the store, the custom hammers and new ideas for individualizing them are unlimited.  This also makes what I do super fun and exciting. The pictures here are of the New Thor junior hammer bank.  It's everything [...]

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Rotational Strength

Hey strength seekersHere is the StrongerGrip 3 Column Strength Handle plugged onto the Core Attachment for angled barbell work.Get the Package deal on Pre-Order and save $$

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Block Dumbbells

Hey Strength seekersA new addition to the grip gear is 3" x 4" Block Dumbbells.  Fun, fat and ready to build some pinch gripping paws.Available for olympic plates.  Standard also available, just put in comments you want them for standard plates.Collars sold separately, I just listed Olympic collars with 2 set screw style for a major bite. [...]

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Modular Strength Awesomeness

Hey Strength seekersLightning bolt moments come and go.  When they hit, I sketch them out and bring them to life.  Some make the cut and others go by the metal wayside to either inspire at another time or become something else.  The latest lightning bolt came after years of the twin handle mace idea that [...]

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New Stuff

Hey strength seekersThor Hammer Junior coin bank, WristRattler-for venemous wrist strength, Sledgehammers with rivets and ArmWrestling Tables are few new things for 2015.  I have been going great guns at the shop, trying to do way more than one man is capable of but still holding strong. I have 3 way past orders getting finished, [...]

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World Armwrestling League and Mick Dodge

Hey Strength seekersIt has been crazier than ever in the StrongerGrip shop of dreams.  The WAL, World Armwrestling League had me make some Hammer Trophies.  Instead of explaining them, check out the most awesome picture.  The rack was also by me. What an honor to do this.  On the National Geographic Channel, a show called [...]

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