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Custom Thor that made Asgard proud

Hey strength seekersWhat does custom mean to you? Some services offer custom this or custom that, so much that sometimes the word loses its meaning.   There are several tv shows done around custom bikes and custom cars, which I love those shows and the process that happens from start to finish and the team that [...]

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BandGrips Handle and BandAnchor

Hey strength seekersSince last Months release of the BandGrips Handle and BandAnchor I have been very happy with the great reception that they got.  Many of you took advantage of the combo pre sale special. And some just wanted the BandGrips handle(s) and some just wanted the BandAnchor(s).  I'm offering all choices, and just listed [...]

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Mace, Dumbbell, Barbell, SwingBell, Kettlebell

Hey Strength seekersLast post was the massive Kong Bell.  A gigantic dumbbell.  My next limited offering will be the modular Kong.  I took the Kong bell and turned the components into separate loadable units to bring a ton more versatility. Picture a handle that connects each unit for a dumbbell, or a barbell, or one [...]

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Enter the Kong Bell

Hey strength seekersThat's not a dumbbell, this is a DUMBBELL!!!  Remember Crocodile Dundee? That's not a knife this is a knife.  Yeah, that was my reference.  The Kong Bell was a special order I did last year for a customer. This behemoth has a 2-1/2" handle and capacity that I'm not exactly sure. I'm estimating [...]

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GripMo Triple Threat

Hey strength seekers,The StrongerGrip GripMo is a versatile tool providing you three ways to use it, which leads to countless movements with each way.  The GripMo comes with a plug in loop, that you can use chain or strap to hand from pull up bar, hook to pulling sled.  The loading pin(sold separately) lets you [...]

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BandAnchor with assisted Pull ups

Hey Strength seekersThe BandGrips Handle and BandAnchor have been available for less than a month and the response has been super positive.  And I am extremely happy to say that I have been able to keep up with the orders and am getting them out quicker than I thought possible. The BandGrips Handles were designed for [...]

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Monster discount

Hey Strength SeekersHere's a little Halloween deal for you.  I don't do this often, simply because of the way I hand make the SG gear, but here ya go.  RIGHT NOW use the discount code MONSTER at checkout and get 10% off.  This was supposed to be for the Monster Sledge and Monster Mace only, [...]

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Armwrestling and kick a$$ tables

Hey strength seekersLast weekend I held an armwrestling tournament.  It was a fun event and had some great pulling.  I made a few tables so far and I'm having a blast with them.  They are all metal constructed and guaranteed to last forever.  One is a four post design that breaks down quick and easy.  [...]

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High Performance Sledgehammers

Hey Strength seekersSince the first StrongerGrip sledgehammer came off my welding table the new breed of sledge that SG is known for keeps getting better.  The options, the design, the craftsmanship that goes into each hammer is second to none.  What sets the StrongerGrip line of gear light years ahead of all, is the evolving [...]

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