My favorite kid

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 3rd Sep 2015

Hey Strength seekersIn life we are many things, there are so many choices and decisions that make us who we are.  One of my most rewarding choices was choosing to be a dad.  A dad to my amaz … read more

Asgardian approved beverage holder

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 22nd Aug 2015

Hey strength seekersA major factor in overall good health is the ability to control your stress levels.  So many people think that stress is something that happens to them.  If you're alive … read more

World Armwrestling League and August of Arms

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 30th Jul 2015

Hey strength seekersWhat an exciting year for StrongerGrip, last year the WAL held their championships which were televised on ESPN2. The Trophies were hammers created by myself and I must say how awe … read more

Valkyrie Hammers

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 24th Jul 2015

Hey Strength seekersA while back I added the sleek Valkyrie hammers.  Much like the Thor hammers, simply smoother and rounder lines. Here are some pictures of the different colors that people hav … read more

Swing Handle for Mighty swings (or mini)

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 22nd Jul 2015

Hey Strength seekersThe Plateau Buster swing handle was conceived many years ago now by the idea that Adam T Glass had.  It is a brutal device that can be loaded with brutally heavy weights. &nbs … read more