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Arnold Classic Armwreslting Challenge

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Hey strength seekers

This is the 3rd year I've been asked to attend the Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge, the first year as a spectator which was also the year that I was exposed Armwreslting for the first time and was blown away and hooked.  It was truly amazing.  This year in coming up with awards for the pullers, like all my creative spawns, I let the idea sink in, I let it go through the process in my mind and after several ideas get sketched out, several get thrown out and several more stand out.  I am super excited for what came out of the process and know the Champions will also be.  Good luck to all pullers. While I'm away the Armwrestling Gear section of the SG store, you can get 15% off until March 7th. You can also get all Sledgehammers and Thor Hammers at 15% until March 17th.  And there is nothing better on the planet to beat on than the StrongerGrip Half-tire. They can be had for $99!!

Enjoy the pic of the Arnolds Armwreslting Challenge Battle Axes- If you are at the Arnolds, be on the lookout for my son and I, say hi, get a pic with us and post it to social media and we'll send you an StrongerGrip shirt. 

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