BandGrips Handle StrongerGrip

8th Mar 2016

Hey Strength seekers

Using resistance bands are a fantastic way to build some serious strength. The resistance is a constantly increasing/decreasing load depending on how you use them. One thing is there is not a unloaded factor when using them. As long as the band is being stretched the load is active and alive. This teaches you to stay focused and tight when using. Tight, comes from having your core and body in a state of controlled tension. Controlled tension, meaning your not holding your breath, you are actively aware of the load and bracing your body to do what you will with the bands.

They are used a lot in armwrestling training. Here is a quick video of the BandGrips Handle in use with a resistance band. There are a few Red Handles left at a massive saving. Here are other great tools that have benefits for Armwrestlers.