Freedom and Health

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 18th Nov 2015

I want Freedom and I want good health.  Anyone else?  I left my regular job 6 years ago to go full on StrongerGrip.  Freedom from a boss and management was a relief and so worth it.  Health, I have been learning and working on my health since I was 14.  Mental and physical.  I'm a student and always will be.  I see no reason not to be.  I'm happy and continue my journey to Freedom and better health.  Although I wake up walk across the street and make amazing metal strength tools, I am losing my freedom.  For the last 10 years I have served and thousands and thousands of fantastic StrongerGrip customers.  And each order has been fullfilled from start to finish by me.  Truly insane and simply hard to fathom.  There has been so many SG product shipped out it would make your head spin.  I've gone so many days without sleep, I've sacrificed so much to put what I love to do out into the world.  There is a reason success does not come to everyone, it could, it simply doesn't, ONLY because it doesn't come to you, YOU have to chase it down and make it yours.  How resilient are you? What will you sacrifice?  What do you want so bad that the world around you falls away as you pursue this?  Most excellent questions all must ponder on their own journey.  

Have you heard of a man named Mick Dodge?  I love this guy. He is the epitome of freedom and health.  I have had the honor of crafting some hammers for this dynamo.  He runs the earth in the Olympic mountains in Washington state.  It is my goal to run the earth with him.  He has invited me and I will take him up on it. So now my goal has changed to getting StrongerGrip to the next level.  Enough so that I can get away and chase nature with Mick.  

Whatever your goal, ask yourself the tough questions, answer them honestly and go after it. 

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