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Monster Sledgehammer Review

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Hey strength seekers

Hard labor jobs are a dying thing in this day and age.  Many will never know what hard labor means, much like other things of the past that have gone away,  hard physical labor is something that the body needs to thrive.  Your job may not be strenuous or physically demanding, but you can still get the benefits of hard labor by simply doing some sledgehammer work. Sledgehammers are THE old school, hard labor tool. StrongerGrip sledgehammers have taken THE old school tool and made it super kick ass cool.  The all metal design, oval shaped handle for guiding the giant oversized head and blend of balance and brutality give you everything you need to bring up your grip, arms, core, back, your whole body to the level of conditioning and strength that your body should have. 

Here is a video from 4 years ago of The Mad Scientist of Muscle Nick Nilsson reviewing the  Monster Sledge.  The sledge now has a new improved loading cap for ease of loading and unloading.  Check out all the StrongerGrip sledgehammers. Get your half tire for only $99 for a limited time.

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