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The Ultimate Mace StrongerGrip Adjustable Mace

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Hey strength seekers

Mace swinging has been a staple in my physical activities. The StrongerGrip adjustable mace is the ULTIMATE Mace. Allowing you to adjust the handle length AND the weight of the Globe. The handle telescopes and locks in at 4 different lengths and the Globe can be loaded with steel shot, sand, lead shot, or coins to get your desired weight. Here is a video giving you a good look at one of StrongerGrips finest pieces.

Mace Swinging and Sledge Pounding

Hey strength seekersHere's a look at the Fat handle Short Mace.  A beastly tool . 

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More Mace Swinging Action with the 3 Column Modular Strength Handle

Hey strength seekersThe 3 Column handle allows you so many hand/grip options when used with the mace plug in.  I love it. Check out he video.  Then get the 3 Column Modular Strength Handle Package and have fun with all the uses.

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