Vision of StrongerGrip More awesomeness to come

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 15th Jun 2017

Hey Strength Seekers 11 years StrongerGrip has been evolving, creating, building.  I have been hustling, I've been dreaming and I'm always taking consistent action.  The SG product line … read more

Immortal Strength Globe

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 12th Jun 2017

An extreme strength tool for Immortal Strength.  Get your hands on the Immortal Strength Globe right here. … read more
Mythical Strength

Mythical Strength

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 5th May 2017

Hey strength seekersInspiration and Strength.  Metal and Power.  Creating gear that stands out, that transcends ordinary is what I do.  My latest in mythical strength gear is now at&nbs … read more

Strength of the gods in your hands

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 15th Mar 2016

Hey strength seekersOld school is and always will be the quickest and simplest, way to health and strength. You've seen Rocky with Sly Stallone, I hope!! If not, you probably shouldn't be ready my bl … read more

The Ultimate Mace StrongerGrip Adjustable Mace

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 11th Mar 2016

Hey strength seekersMace swinging has been a staple in my physical activities. The StrongerGrip adjustable mace is the ULTIMATE Mace. Allowing you to adjust the handle length AND the weight of the G … read more