Plateau Buster-Swing Handle

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Plateau Buster-Swing  Handle

Swings are a fantastic exercise, that produce huge results.  If you are already doing them, you know, if your not, here is a versatile Swing Handle that you will not outgrow.  Load with olympic plates.  Do light swings or load it with hundreds of pounds for heavy swings.  This Swing handle will make Gorillas jealous and bust any plateaus you may encounter in your training.  Super nice two hand design and nice collars  ensure that plates stay put.  Swing in safety so your focus stays on your swing form. Load as light as 20 lbs or as heavy as 450 lbs.  Burn calories, add muscle, build strength, endurance, build overall body power and take your training where you want to go with the Plateau Buster Swing Handle.

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    The Bulldozer

    Posted by Charles Gianelli on 28th Apr 2011

    The best training tool ever!!!!. after training with the plateau buster you will feel like a D9 cat Bulldozer!!!! Unstopable!!!. Thank you Ryan
    you build the best quality built in the USA strength tools I have ever used.

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    Get this tool if you are serious about training.

    Posted by Casey on 10th Apr 2011

    It's well known that for building strength and conditioning the swing and the deadlift cannot be beat. Heavy barbells are easy enough to come by for deads but swings can only get so heavy using double kettlebells or dumbbells. Not anymore thanks to the PB Swing Handle. You can do your deads and some serious ass swings all with one tool and while you may be able to deadlift over 450lbs (max loading capacity) you will not outgrow this tool for swings.

    The construction is top notch, you can tell once you get your hands on it that it is built to last a lifetime. All I have to say is that when I am swinging 300+ pounds for reps my competition is screwed. If you are a fellow fighter then pick this up, train and dominate.

    Casey Campbell
    BJJ & Judo Athlete

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    BEST piece of equipment for your CORE! PERIOD!

    Posted by Mighty Joe on 21st Mar 2011

    I recently purchased a Plateau Buster from Ryan and didn't really know what to expect because 99 percent of the equipment I've bought from StrongerGrip has been grip related. I bought the PB specifically for doing Swings and Single Hand Dead Lifts.

    Out of the box I knew immediately that it was StrongerGrip made. The quality and construction is simply the best out there and there's a certain beauty to every piece Ryan makes. It's hard to describe this unique quality StrongerGrip products posses.

    I immediately started incorporating swings into my routine with the PB and man was I pleased! No longer do I have to worry about purchasing an endless line of kettlebells or rigging up something to attach weight plates to for swinging. With the PB you have the advantage of adding weight as yoy progress. The collars Ryan makes are SOLID and secure your plates well. No clanging around with this piece! Bottom line is there's no better piece on the market for swings.

    Dead lifts? The PB is hard to beat in this area also. Single hand or double, makes no difference. Load the PB up to your desired weight and lift away. One huge advantage in this lift with the PB is getting your center of gravity directly over the weight for a safer more powerful lift especially if you're doing a max effort.

    My hat off to Ryan Pitts for designing such a useful piece of equipment that will last several lifetimes. Thank you Ryan!!!

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    Indispensable product-great job,Ryan!

    Posted by Steve on 20th Jan 2011

    This is a fantastic strength and conditioning tool.Load it up for swings and deadlifts and work your grip,entire back,shoulders,arms,legs,abs(hell,your whole body) and cardio.You can use one or two hands with it.It is built to last for years. If you are interested in getting very strong all over and also want to improve your work capacity, this is the one piece of equipment you need.

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    Another Home Run!

    Posted by Steve Krebs on 12th Jan 2011

    When I first opened up the UPS box I was excited but I decided not to write a review until I had some work with the product under my belt. It is built typical Strongergrip tough and looks just as good as any other of Ryan's products that I own. As far as how it works, simple. Allows you to do progressively heavier swings which carries over to many other aspects of training.

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    The best investment you will make for your strength and power this year

    Posted by Adam T Glass on 14th Oct 2010

    "Strongergrip has been equipment is the bed rock of my grip program for several years now, and one of the reasons has been Ryans custom design of equipment to my specs. Recently Ryan and I had a conversation and I mentioned having a plate loading device for use of one and two hand swings.

    Imagine my surprise when Ryan texted me a photo of the device 3 days later. A monstrous handle with two pins on it. Ryan told me it would load up over 450 lbs.

    So one of my goals is a 600 lbs deadlift this year, while dropping more body fat and gaining more power. Swings have been my main stay cardio since i started with kettlebells since 2005. This plateau buster is a whole new league of swings. The thin handle is wide enough for me to comfortably get both hands on the device with no finger discomfort. The loading design allows for 45's to be stacked without interfering with the stance or requiring an awkward wide position.

    Swinging 300 lbs on this device hits the upper back harder than any other exercise I do. Pull ups, deadlifts and rows all feel very different than a huge swing. This handle taxes the grip extremely hard. The primary reason I wanted this was for extremely heavy one hand swings. Mission accomplished on that front.

    If there was only one piece of Strongergrip equipment you could own, I strongly recommend you make this it. An invaluable tool for fat loss and hypertrophy along with killer hip and grip power.

    This is my weapon of choice, this is my main stay. I will pull 600+ at a body weight under 200 in 2011 and this will be a huge asset.

    Adam T Glass,
    Competitive Grip Athlete and World Record Holder in the 2" Vertical Bar Lift

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    Swinging a kettlebell is cute - Swinging this thing is serious business

    Posted by David on 13th Oct 2010

    StrongerGrip has done it again, giving you a tool you didn't know you needed that leaves you wondering what you did without it.

    The proportions and clearances are perfect for loading up with tremendous weight. I wouldn't be loading 400lbs onto a hodgepodge T-handle but this piece of iron is perfectly designed to handle anything you throw at it.

    This is going to be a linchpin in my quest for a 600lb deadlift.