GripMo Strength globe

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GripMo Strength globe

Introducing the StrongerGrip GripMo.  Taking the concept of doing pull-ups using a kettlebell and making a more user friendly jacked up design. The GripMo has an 8" globe with Grip ears.  

Make no mistake, this is a killer tool that will FORCE you to use your core as you do pull-ups, pull downs or sled pulling. 

Want crushing strength? The GripMo delivers.

Want a stronger Clinch?  Your opponent will be crying for their corner to throw the towel in!

Pull-ups on the 8" globe are very tough, pull-ups on the ears hits another part of your grip and gets the fingers in on the action for steel trap digits.  Open hand grip strength is an area not trained very much.  Until now.  Get the GripMo.

The GripMo now comes with NEW modular plug in design. It comes with attachment loop so you can hook it to pull up bar or pulling sled or pulldown machine by just using a carabiner and strap or chain.  You now also have the ability to use the GripMo with the modular loading pin for deadlifts and if you grab the modular core attachment you can do rotational exercises using the GripMo!




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  • 5
    So much fun

    Posted by Unknown on 17th May 2013

    I like to do curls, vertical push-ups, rows, front flys, sled pulls, swings, and rope training. I'm sure there are many other exercises that can be done with it. It makes pull-ups and pull downs much more challenging and fun.

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    Take Pull-Ups to Next Level with Weight Lifting Equipment

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2013

    Man, I thought doing a pull-up on a regular pull-up bar was tough, until I started using this globe. But this weight ball has improved my grip much more than lots of other weight lifting equipment, thanks to those hard to grip rounded edges. I feel like I'm palming a basketball while trying to haul myself up on top of said basketball, and believe me, it's a workout.

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    I thought it would be easy. I was so wrong.

    Posted by Fitness Puzzle Builder on 5th Nov 2012

    I was amazed at how much fun doing something hard can be. I though I would have no problem blasting out sets of 10 with this bad boy. I was wrong. The different variations on how to hold the Grip Mo makes it a constant challenge.
    What an attention getter at the gym. Everyone had to at least try it. Not many succeded.
    Working on getting my 5th rep with differnt grips. NO other product has the same affect. I even use it to do lat pulls, rows and even attaching it to a pull sled and balsting away.
    Be careful how often you train with the Grip Mo. It takes more out of you than you think.
    Give it a try and you will improve overall strength as well as grip.

  • 5

    Posted by Alan P on 28th Oct 2012

    The suprise is that the Grip Mo shows you whos boss. I do 25 to 30n dead hang pull ups, I got the grip mo last week and could not do one on it needless to say gwtting to a point where I can do a bunch haning off of the grip mo is my new goal. Another product from strongergrip that I wish I had twenty years ago, and that is built so well that my son will be using it in twenty years.

  • 5
    Great GripMo

    Posted by Bob A on 26th Oct 2012

    Outstanding piece of equipment, really blasts the forearms!

  • 5
    Well built,heavy duty pullup globe

    Posted by Chris on 13th Sep 2012

    Very innovative with the "ears" on the side to increase the intensity of pull exercises

  • 5
    Great for finger strength

    Posted by Manuel on 20th Aug 2012

    This product will really strengthen your fingers. If you are into martial arts, you'll appreciate this tool, especially if you are a grappler.