GripMo Triple Threat

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GripMo Triple Threat

The GripMo Triple Threat is the way to go for crushing core strength.  The Triple threat package gives you 3 ways to use the GripMo with each way opening the doors to an amazing amount of variations and movements.  The Triple Threat comes with

1) GripMo with plug in attachment Loop so you can hook it to pull up bar, pulling sled or pull down machine.

2) Loading Pin - so you can load olympic weight plates on, plug the GripMo in and use it for deadlifts, swings or curls and presses.

3) The Core attachment- This gem slides over one end of olympic bar allowing you to plug your GripMo onto it and use for angled barbell work, presses, squats and rotaional core movements while gripping the GripMo by the 8" globe or its finger building ears.


Don't limit the use of the GripMo to just pull ups, open a whole new world with the GripMo triple threat package.

By getting the whole package you save 15% off of getting them individually.  Each one separate would be $270.97  get the Triple threat for $230.32!!    That's $40 savings!!