ThickBurger Grip Axle

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Thickburger Grip Axle comes with wire lock pin and nylon strap

The StrongerGrip ThickBurger Grip Axle is a powerful tool for developing various degrees of Grip strength.  It is 18" in overall length with a 2-3/8" thick axle connecting two special thickburger shape grip shapes.  It offers a unique gripping surface in the two thickburger grips, building crushing hand and finger strength.  You can use the 2-3/8" bar or grab the thickburgers in various postions to build tremendous gripping power.  Attach to pull up bar, pull down machine or pulling sled and let the Grip building begin.  Hook it to loading pin or low pulley machine and do curls and presses. As a bonus the Grip Axle comes with Modular loading sleeve which adds the extreme versatility of plugging the Grip Axle into the Modular Grip System.  Plug this into the Modular Core Attachment and explore some crazy rotational exercises.  It is yet another tool from StrongerGrip that is only limited by your imagination.

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    pete from ma 7/25/13

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2013

    if you are looking for one tool to do thick bar work with . the thick burger grip axle is it . see the list in the description now add any you can think of have fun and get big time grip strong like all S G tools it will be here long after I m gone

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    Tougher Fingers and Hands with Strength Training Equipment

    Posted by Unknown on 24th May 2013

    The cool part of this strength training equipment is that it's designed to be used with other machines. It's a great way to add an effective grip-improving component to pull up bars, rowing machines, and anything else the ThickBurger can be attached to. The loading sleeve is kind of nice too, since it lets me use the Burger with the Modular Grip System.