Modular Strength System

The most innovative and versatile grip and strength training system.  The concept is simple, an ever expanding collection of strength and grip gear that interchange with ease and all work together.  Convenient and portable enought that if you train at a gym, your favorite tools for that day can go into your gym bag so that you can take them with and load em up with olympic plates.  Here is the list of what's available right now, with lots more to come

1)Thickburger Grip.  This hamburger shaped device is unique and unlike anything you've gripped before

2)Two-Hand pinch 2" thick.

3)Plateau Buster Swing Handle.  The popular PBSH has a 1.33" diameter handle and a width of 8-1/4",comfortable for two hands.

4) V-Bar 2-3/8" A thick vertical bar

5) The Ultimate V-bar. A vertica bar base of a solid 1" bar. A sleeve that slides over to allow for the ThickGrip sleeves on the market so you can use them for V-bar.  Comes with a retaining washer to keep the thick grips on.  Different diameter sleeves also available for this.

6)Bottoms Up Press loading pin.  This will plug into the PBSH handle or any of the Modular plug ins.  The initial idea was to mimic or train the BUP using olympic plates. But really it can  be used for swings or many other things.

7) 4"x4" Grip Chunk.  Plug this one in and get some wide grip work in. 

8) Modular Grip System Loading pins.   15" long and strong as can  be.

9)Finger lift/Loading loop.  For doing old school finger lifts or can be used to turn your MGS loading pin into a standard loading pin with a loop so you can attach your other grip toys.