Hammer of the Gods Series II

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Dash from Swolenormous and his HOTG II

Hammer of the Gods Series II is upon us.  It is being offered up to you in a limited batch of 25.  Each Hammer is hand made(like all SG gear) but the limited Series is absolutely 25 of a kind limited offering.  Each one meticulously hand engraved with Odin and Ravens on one side, a stainless steel plate laser engraved with the Valknut and the number of your hammer, #1 of 25 etc.  I am making a certificate of authenticity for each hammer, signed and the date of completion.  Each Hammer is uniquely Flame colored from the fires of Asgard with no two hammers being the same.  The head has a giant capacity of approx 60 lbs of steel shot, the handle is 1.66" diameter and 14" long with suede wrap.  Each hammer is a time consuming process that takes close to 8 hours from start to finish.  Art and Strength is what this hammer is all about.  Odin commands you grab one before it's too late.