Immortal Strength Harness & Club

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Immortal Strength Harness & Club

Immortal Strength Harness & Club is a glorious combination of Strength, conditioning and awesomeness. I was able to discover a limited cache of harnesses and tanks and repurpose them for strength & conditioning.  You get a well made harness, it has a comfortable kidney belt, seat belt latch and chest clip.  Adjusts to fit waist and chest.  Comes with pair of tanks and two club handles that threads into tank.  Empty weight of harness & club is 15 lbs. These tanks are Aluminum with carbon fiber outside.  Each tank can fill with 25 lbs of water.  You can fill with sand or steel shot, just be cautious that threads are cleaned out using a brush of some sort(toothbrush works well) before threading handles in.  Steel shot they load to 70 lbs.  Harness is excellent for hiking, biking, bodyweight training.  You will be able to get different size tanks in the near future that will work with your handles.