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2.00 LBS
$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Here is a customer using his StrongerGrip BandAnchor.  You've seen bands used for assisted pull ups. Now its easier and quicker to change resistance by using the BandAnchor.  Lower or raise the BA with chain or nylon strap to get the desired assist.  Great for one arm progressions too.

The BandAnchor was my solution for resistance band training.  I have had all kinds of bands for the last several years, long ones, short ones and they didn't get used much...until I was bitten by the Armwrestling bug and started using them. My problem was always trying to figure out how to attach them to something.  I looped them around things and back through, but it just didn't seem optimal.  Bands are not cheap and I wanted to prolong the integrgrity of the bands as well as make them more useful.  Then a moment happened like Doc Brown in Back to the Future, but instead of 1 point 21 jigawatts, the BandAnchor and BandGrips handle happened.  The BandAchor is a super convenient accessory that allows your bands to be anchored anywhere, all ya need is short chain or nylon strap with rings and carabiner.  I use mine a lot on pulley machines. 

Another simple, effective training piece from StrongerGrip.  Get your BandAnchor now and have a whole new world of options opened up for resistance bands.

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