BandGrips Handle

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Here is a shot of the BandGrips with added carabiner attachment point.

Introducing the StrongerGrip BandGrips. It is a handle that conveniently allows a resistance band to attach and a 1-1/8" diameter handle to pull. The handle also is perfect size for FatGripz and other thick grip sleeves. 

You get one handle with your order. The BandGrips Handle is a great solution for resistance band training. I would also recommend the BandAnchor. The BandAnchor is another solution for band training.  It is an all steel piece that like the BandGrips has a wide easy hook piece for the band to attach to and an easy attach hole for a carabiner to fix your band to anything solid. 

The BandGrips Handle and BandAnchor were created through my personal pursuit of getting better at Armwrestling.  Bands and the resistance that they offer forces the body to remain in a grounded and high tension environment.  This forges the body into a crazy strong and functional beast.  Armwrestling was the intended use of these, and with continued use I'm finding the benefits reach all areas and endeavors.