Leviathan Mace Limited

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Leviathan Mace Limited

le-vi-a-than: a thing that is very large or powerful, especially a Mace. Since posting a pic sometime last year of my beastly water fillable mace, there has been constant inquiries about if it will become a real thing or remain in the mystery realm of legends told. 
Today I unleash the Leviathan.  I have enough materials to start off with a run of 20.  All SG gear as you know is unique and made upon order, these special offerings I want to be even more unique to each owner. Here are some basic specs: the tank has a diameter of 12"-it is big, handle is 1-1/2" diameter with a fill port on the end. Empty weight is approx 20-22 lbs, can load with approx 40 lbs of water!! Empty this might appear to be your friend as your taming the swing of it, but make no mistake, add water and you'll know why it's called Leviathan.  The overall length is 55" from end to end.  This is a good length for a person 5'10".
What I will have each person do is give me the length from back your head to behind your knee, this measurement will be used to make the right length for you.  Now for customizing it just for you.
I can make it to any length you want. Handle size can be chosen. Color scheme you want.  I'd like each mace that goes out to be different.  But that's up to you.