Leverage Ball

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Leverage Ball

The other day I went through a quick workout with the leverage ball. I did some braced wrist curls, curls behind, and what I call leverage ball circles (where you either sit or stand and brace your arm and draw circles clockwise and counterclockwise)

Let me tell you what a lower arm workout!!

My forearm was ready to POP! I felt my entire hand, wrist, and forearm like never before!

I am extremely pleased to be able to share this Gem with YOU

*Work Your Grip In unlimited planes of movement!

*Get an Awesome Pump in Your   Forearms!

*Puts Torque on Your wrist that other grip tools don't!

Uses standard size plates. Comes with (2) FREE Pitt-Bull collars!With the leverage Factor 5-10 lbs feels like 50-100 lbs depending on where you place the weights.

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    Another unique product

    Posted by Manuel on 5th Apr 2012

    I received this today and am impressed. Works your grip in a manner tough to duplicate. One word of advice. I'm 5'8" and I'd say I have average hands for a guy my size. I bought the 4" ball, but I think the 3.5" ball would have been better for me. No big deal, you can always use less weight. However, it's easy to sprain your thumb if you get too large a ball or use too much weight. Then you can't train for weeks/months. If you have what I call "basketball hands" get a 4.5" ball. Just my 2 cents. I practice BJJ, and this will definitely help my grappling.

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    Excellent finisher!

    Posted by K Mueller on 30th Mar 2012

    Bulletproof piece of gear, and an excellent way to finish of your lower arms at the end of a session. Load it up relatively heavy for holds and swings, go a bit lighter and work levering, circles and figure 8's, and tosses.

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    Most under appreciated product thats also one of his best!

    Posted by DAVID GRIFFIN on 24th Mar 2011

    It doesn't look flashy on the website but dude... when you get it... its a work of metallic art. It looks easy till you realize that 10lbs'll blast you whole hand to pieces! I have the 4inch ball and have small hands. This thing goes hard! I may sound like a punk, but my had tapped out from only 10lbs of weight on the very end and never recovered form the very first workout with it (10minutes people!!!). Its to the point where I'll have an all grip day once a week till I'm happy... funny thing is.... I used it about 1.5hrs ago and my forearms are still pumped and my hands are all "spiderveiney"... WTF! RYAN J PITTS FOR GRIP PRESIDENT! here's what I say... get the leverage ball for ALL you hand / forearm needs! Do some swings, cleans, snatches, some horizontal holds (really use the leverage against you) and some vertical forearm dead-lifts (sit in a chair, rest your elbow onto the arm edge of a chair and just lift keeping your wrist straight...TOUGH). Those are just the workout routines I came up with for my first try with it. GET ONE AND DONT BE A PUNK! REMEMBER.... SIMPLE TOOLS ALWAYS WORK BEST!!! DID I FORGET TO MENTION HE ENGRAVED IT FOR ME AND MADE IT IN RED!!! DUDES THE MAN! SHIPPED FAST AS HECK TOO!

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    Ingenious tool!

    Posted by Josh Dalton on 27th May 2010

    Excellent tool that will help all other lifts that transfer strength through the hands/wrists/forearms.