Monster Mace

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Monster Mace

You have seen pro wrestling legends swing em,now get one for yourself and experience the amazing body power you will get from this ancient but highly efficient total body conditioning tool. Mace's and clubs have been swung for ages. Add another dimension to your training with a mace. 

The Monster Mace is truly a monster! It has a thick handle, 8" loadable globe and loads to approximately 50 pounds!

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    Swingin' with the Monster Mace

    Posted by Rocannon MacGregor, the Zen Kahuna on 27th May 2010

    The first thing you will notice with the Monster Mace is the excellence of construction. There is nothing flimsy with them. I have two. One is the regular Monster Mace and the other is a customized Monster Mace with adjustable handle. Both are superb pieces of well-balanced workmanship. Besides the outstanding quality of these maces I like being able to increase the weight whenever I want, in whatever amount I want. No need to have multiple maces at different weights; unless you are like me and have a couple of daily training partners who need their own mace. I paint mine as the mood suits me. On my adjustable length Monster Mace I have left it unpainted. SOmething about it just makes it look "right" to me that way. As with all of Ryan's terrific products you can count on them performing as described. If you are new to using the mace I might suggest that you consider a Monster Mace with the adjustable handle since you can use it inside with an 8 ft. ceiling or when you are transporting it (like to the park or on vacation). Then you can extend it when you are training with it outside. Variations that come in handy.

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    Great Conditioning Tool

    Posted by Shawn Blanchard on 27th May 2010

    I purchased the Monster Mace a few months back and I am completely satisfied with it. Ryan has produced an excellent exercise tool. I would highly recommend it to anyone.