Epic Sledge

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Epic Sledge

And then came the StrongerGrip EPIC Sledgehammer!!  This Sledge was created and forged to please those on Mt. Olympus.  When it became reality, the gods smiled and said "Hell Yeah!"

This Epic sledge weighs 26 lbs empty. Can be loaded to 70 lbs with steel shot. Not enough, fill it with lead shot and let me know how heavy this can really get!!

36" overall length from ball on handle end to end of massive 6" square head. Handle is 1-3/4" diameter with swedged oval shape where you grab and swing it by, it's 1/4" bigger than the normal sledge handles which are 1-1/2" diameter. The oval shape fits perfect in your hands and allows you to guide and control the head with each pound.  You'll find a brand new loading design that will soon be common in all StrongerGrip loadable toys.  Great for faster loading and unloading and sleeker look. 

This is THE sledgehammer of all sledgehammers, it's not only awesome, it's EPIC!!


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    The Name say's it all

    Posted by Scott Caywood on 11th May 2016

    Sturdy construction, work of art

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    Great craftsmanship

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Aug 2013

    My Epic Hammer arrived today. WOW!!! No words exist that can explain the greatness that is this Hammer!!! I am so very impressed. The quality is second to none. Holding this thing would make our ancestors proud: the sledge is the tool that built the country, but you take it to a whole new level. I am a very strong guy, but I feel it is going to be a while before I put any steel shot in it. I was commenting to my father that this is the kind of tool that the major league ball players should use, but they are still in the lifting mindset. If those guys used the Epic sledge they wouldn't need steroids. So THANK YOU very much. You are a true craftsman. I am a very happy customer. Strength & Honor.

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    Smash Strongman Training to Bits

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2013

    Nothing pumps me up more for Strongman training than swinging around the Epic Sledge. You just can't avoid feeling bad-ass when you're toting around this thing, a tool for true Strongmen. It feels even better when you notice your grip improving and your arms bulking up.