Thor Hammer Junior

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Thor Hammer Junior

The Thor Hammer Junior had to happen. Kids do indeed watch what their parents do.  My armwrestling friend Chris, who has a StrongerGrip Thor hammer and also a fantastic 5 year old son, full of energy and loves doing what his dad does. At our armwrestling practices he jumps on the table welcoming all who dare lock up with this high powered 5 year old, it is the best. So I made him his own Thor hammer, leather wrapped handle, Loadable head with a coin slot on cap so you just need to add coins and swing away.  I've had a ton of requests for this, people wanting them for kids, grandkids, friends kids. 

Thor hammer Junior has the same StrongerGrip quality, it's a scaled down fun version for kids of all ages. It weighs right around 5 lbs empty, smaller size handle and wrapped with genuine leather.