80 lb Sledge

9th Nov 2015

Lately I have had requests for heavy, fixed weight sledges and maces.  How heavy? 80 lb and one that starts at 80 and loads to 90 and 100!!Check out this pic of an 83 lb sledge going to Californi … read more

The Mighty Hand Trainer is red hot

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 29th Sep 2015

Hey strength seekers The Mighty Hand Trainer, for the short time its been available is one the most sought after products I've done so far.  Thanks to many people for the support and for sha … read more

Performing Heavy Swings

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 24th Sep 2015

Hey strength seekersOne of my most eye catching and fun feats for me and the participants is the human swing.  It's an apparatus I made years ago and just this year upgraded and added some handle … read more