Strength of the gods in your hands

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 15th Mar 2016

Hey strength seekers

Old school is and always will be the quickest and simplest, way to health and strength. You've seen Rocky with Sly Stallone, I hope!! If not, you probably shouldn't be ready my blog. The old school training that Rocky does, the simple, yet brutal training that he endures, it's what life is all about. It is NEVER about what new fandangled, high tech devices are used for training, it's not about what bullsh*t supplements that are used, IT WILL ALWAYS BE about what you put into it!! PERIOD! That is the fu@king magic my friends, it is and always will be in whatever you do. It comes down to the EFFORT that is put in. When this is realized, your eyes will be opened and there is no one to blame, there is only YOU to take responsibility for what You put into whatever you choose to take on. Accept this as truth and you will move forward and never look back. The responsibility is and should be, all yours. In my journey of strength, health and well being, simple has been king. Old school has ruled. Going back to a time of living where life was physical, it was labor intensive, it was survival. The simple tool -a hammer, is a tool that provides. It provides resistance, it builds character, with proper usage it gives the strength of the gods to mere mortals. There is no forgiveness, there is simply work and reward. You want a NEW you? Get a hammer and see what you got. See if you have what it takes to bring out the best in you. BUT make no mistake, it is not a question of does it work, or will it work for me. The question is WILL YOU take responsibility and let the hammer forge your body, mind and spirit into what you were born to be.

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