GripBall Dumbbell set

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StrongerGripTM   GripBall Dumbbell set

 A familiar tool with a twist.  Do all your standard dumbbell exercises with the GripBall dumbbells and work your grip at the same time.  Be ready to be humbled.  These come in a  3”, 3.5" & 4" globe for the gripping surface.  3" is approx. size of a baseball, 4" is approx size of softball and 3.5" is inbetween.  These build your finger strength and closing hand strength.  You’ll love the feel of them!  Fantastic for your curls, presses, and rows.  Then use them for dumbbell swings, cleans, snatches and watch out, you’ll notice your hands turn into powerful gripping talons!

Comes with 2 FREE Pitt-Bull collars.  Takes standard 1” plates.


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    Posted by Chas Bowman on 12th Aug 2017

    These guys are a whole bag of fun and crazy, I love using these guys for double dumbbell movement's. These will give you some crash crazy hand strength.

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    Strength Training Equipment Adds Efficiency to My Workout

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2013

    In my opinion, strength training equipment is at its best when it works out several different muscles at once, which is exactly what the Grip-Balls do. I feel wrung out by the time I'm done using this weights, and it really tests my grip to palm the bigger spheres. I haven't used this strength training gear in a whole lot of different workouts yet, but they work really well for what I've done so far.

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    Unique product

    Posted by Manuel on 5th Apr 2012

    Cool tool! I like doing alternate reverse preacher curls, if you could do preacher curls without a bench. They work your grip and forearms, while at the same time stressing your wrist in a manner that is difficult to duplicate. It's like working three parts of your lower arm at the same time.

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    LOVE these!

    Posted by Gerry S. on 7th Jan 2011

    Dumbbells used to bore me; these challenge me. The grip ball in the middle not only makes exercises more challenging, but it really strengthens your grip as well. Maximize your results and target more than one thing at a time.

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    Posted by Bryan - BLACKWATCH BARBELL on 7th Dec 2010

    Great product and very different from conventional gym equipment and that is why I purchased them. No one else has them in my area except me. Will buy more in the future.