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Expected release date is 28th Jun 2019

The IRON GADA is a creation that was birthed from the collaboration of Wonder Woman Kelly Manzone, Empowered Strength creator John Odden and myself.  For over 16 years Kelly(@Kellsbells88 on Instagram)  personal trainer and entrepreneur has provided countless strength & health seekers guidance to become better using a myriad of tools, Kettlebells, clubs, maces and more.  Looking for mace coaching? Contact her for one on one coaching

John who I'm certain has lineage from Asgard and quite possibly shares strength secrets from Odin and Thor.  He has an impressive list of accomplishments that I'm going to share this link with you so you can explore his awesomeness. EMPOWERED STRENGTH


Ryan J Pitts-Master of Metal and maker of magical strength gear. I have been working with metal since I was 16. Selling strength gear since I was 18.  Creating, designing and training is what I've been doing for 30 years.  Staying true to craftsmanship and that tedious hands on working with each piece I create has been a path that's simply not taken by many.  It's a path that has put my work in the hands of NFL teams, college sports facilities, celebrity stars, on ESPN, tv personalities, and thousands and thousands of individual seekers of strength around the world.  

I am excited to be working with Kelly & John on this project. What is The IRON GADA? We are offering a limited run of 25 Iron Gadas. These 25 will be hand made by myself, hand engraved with the IRON GADA on the globe and also Numbered 1 of 25 etc. I am also engraving each individuals name on their very own IRON GADA.  I'm a huge comic/art fan and this allows me to share the concept of uniqueness and individuality of limited prints in the form of this majestic metal Mace.  The specs on the IRON GADA give it a one GADA for all fit.  Empty it weighs 11 lbs.  Loaded with steel shot it will get to approx 45-50 lbs.  Loaded with lead shot it will get to approx 65 lbs.  This is a massive range, great for beginner and advanced swinger. John & Kelly have compiled some length statistics based on a persons height. And since these will be made for each individual, we will reach out and get your desired length. Handle size is 1-1/8". This is a more Gada type size. Giving the weight on the end a more magnified feel.  There will also be choice of 1-1/4" on the handle. Again, this is for those that may want a slightly bigger handle size. We know one size doesn't always fit all, even if it says so.  We want to tailor your Gada to YOU.  


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    Iron Gada

    Posted by Rocannon MacGregor on 24th Oct 2019

    This excellent steel gada is easy to load or unload with shot. The shifting shot increases the demands for excellent form. From what I see it should last the rest of my life and be passed on to another Mace lover. My name engraved on the shaft is beautifully done. It is one of my favorite Maces.