Recycled Light Weight Indian Club Pair

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The Recycled Indian Clubs are constructed from recycled Firefighter air tanks.  They are built with an aluminum shell covered with carbon fiber.  Super durable and meant to take our heroes into dangerous situations and withstand extreme environments.  I have been able to secure a cache of these in several sizes.  The first was the Big tank. This second offering is a smaller choice. It is 7 lbs empty, can be loaded up to 17 lbs with water and the tank diameter is 5.5". 

The Big Club is 10 lbs empty, loads up to 25 lbs with water and has a tank diameter of 6.626". 

You can choose which suits you or get both pairs for a variety of swinging weights. 

The handle is solid aluminum CNC machined to thread into tank and has a nice straight knurling. Light enough to be easy on the hands but with enough grip to allow you to guide the clubs. 

Like the Big Clubs they are a limited supply product. SOLD IN PAIRS