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StrongerGripTM  Red Rafter Leverage Wrist Block

A very popular wrist/pinch grip builder.  1½” Thick.  This compact and convenient tool lets you build crazy wrist and pinch strength by starting out light and using the power of leverage to adjust the same weight farther out on the loading horn to make a 10 lb weight feel very heavy!  Yes, 10 lbs starting out will humble you.  Great for training plate curls.  Trains the tendons and ligaments for that wiry unseen strength.  Accepts standard weight plates with 1” hole.

Comes with a set of FREE Pitt-Bull collars.

Also available is an olympic adapter.

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    Coincedence? maybe

    Posted by Wayne Nash on 20th Oct 2012

    After only two brief workouts with the red rafter block consisting of lightweight curls I have achieved 3 PRs. My longest timed hold on the Ironmind pinch hub, the first clicking close of the COC #2 and the easiest and quickest double underhand bends of three consecutive IM yellow nails. Maybe these PRs were coming anyway but I think it was the extra stimulus of the red rafter. Really intense loading to the grip, wrist and forearm. I love this tool.

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    Cool tool

    Posted by Manuel on 5th Apr 2012

    I've had the red rafter for weeks now, and love it. I'm 5'8" and have average hands for a guy my height. I own blocks from other companies designed to work your pinch grip, but they are typically 2" or more in width. I always wind up spraining my thumb. That's not a problem with the red rafter. Also, the unique design allows you to do cleans, which I find very cool, it works your lower arm in a manner that is tough or impossible to duplicate.

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    Could not ask for more!

    Posted by Dennis P on 2nd Mar 2012

    Even before buying the Red Rafter I emailed Ryan asking about one of his custom Kettlebells and he emailed me back the same day answering all my questions. Great customer service and now that I'm holding one of his products in my hand great grip equipment. One look at the Red Rafter and you know you're looking at a high quality product that's going to last for as long as you're training. I mostly just curl it and finish off with cleans and negatives like Ryan does in the video above. I don't do too many Drop & Grabs because I'm afraid of messing up the paint job if my pinch grip gives out, but I'll definitely be throwing swings into the mix and soon as I get some heavier plates. Amazing product Ryan and essential for anyone wanting to train their wrists!

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    I will plate curl a 35 lbs plate

    Posted by Rick Giese, RKC Casper WY on 13th Jan 2011

    I have been using this pinch block lever for about 5 mos. now. I love it period. My goal is to plate curl a 35 lbs plate and this is helping me to achieve this 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch at a time. I can plate curl 30 lbs now for reps so my goal is not far off. If you want crazy wrist strength, get this device you'll love it...

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    FAVORITE Christmas present

    Posted by Gerry S. on 7th Jan 2011

    I own many of Ryan's products, and I was waiting to get this one. I was given it as a Christmas present and man do I love it.
    I got it with the olympic adapapter and keep the collars and weight down the bottom so I can lift, clean, press.
    Awesome strength builder for the thumbs, wrist, forearms. Do more than pump your muscles, build your functional strength.
    Like everything I have ever gotten from Strongergrip it is top notch construction and will last a lifetime.

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    Posted by Steve Krebs on 7th Jun 2010

    Taking a first look at this product you can tell its top notch. Its construction and finish is more than I expected. The collars lock down tight. All I have done with this so far is simulated plate curls but I can really see how this product will produce results. By positioning the weights at different points on the bar even a little bit of weight can feel like a ton.

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    Simple. Effective. Versatile.

    Posted by David D. on 27th May 2010

    The Red Rafter might be the most versatile implement that Stronger Grip offers, and that is saying a lot.

    I use my for pinch curls, pinch deads, pinch rows, pinch swings, pinch hammer curls, pinch juggling, plate curls.

    The quality and finish is top notch. The collars strongergrip provides are super strong and you don't need to torque them down much at all which means you don't tear up the shaft with tons of little notches.

    This is an absolute must-have if you want to get stronger hands, and therefore stronger everything.