Ultimate Thor Hammer

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Once in a while you'll have a strength tool that has a look, a name and the potential to bring great strength to all that lay their hands on it.  This tool is the Thor Hammer from StrongerGrip.  It has been bringing many a strength seekers hand, wrist, arm and overall strength for some years now.  When the Thors hammer was released it quickly became a fan favorite and those in Asgard were smiling down.  Recently, back at the strength lab, something NEW was created.  You've probably noticed some crazy weather and storms around the world, I do believe it's from the latest offering, THE ULTIMATE THOR HAMMER!! 

Bigger may not be better, but it sure the heck is cool!  The gods were smiling when the original Thors hammer was created, The Ultimate Thor Hammers have them in an uproar. Knowing that anyone who gets their hands on this may in fact bring the power to overthrow them. The Ulitmate Thors Hammer weighs in at approx. 16 lbs empty with loading capacity of approx 45 lbs with steel shot.  The handle has an oval shaped with dimentions of 2-1/8" at the widest and 1-11/16" at its narrowest.  The shape is vary comfortable in the grip, but do not be fooled the word comfort is used lightly as once you get swinging this masterpiece the word comfort is not what you'll be thinking.  The loadable head is same size as the Monster sledge.  18" overall length.  New loading design.  Bring the strength. Bring the power. Bring The Ultimate Thor Hammer!

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    Posted by Gary Torkeo on 25th Apr 2016

    My new Thor Hammer is fantastic. Not only does it provide a killer workout for my hands, forearms and shoulders among others, it is a work of art. Ryan customized it for me and it truly is great to look at. My kids kids kids will be using it. Thanks.

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    Ultimate Thor Hammer

    Posted by Jason Zegestowsky on 14th Apr 2016

    This is one hell of an implement. I couldn't be more pleased with the craftsmanship. Incredibly fun and challenging. Just buy one already. You will be able to hand it down to the next generation. Bombproof.

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    Thor Hammer at MLCF

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2013

    I have 2 Strongergrip Thor Hammers at Molon Labe CrossFit and we use them all the time for grip training as well as hammer hits on tires. The are versatile and are made to be indestructible! Super awesome and you will want to get two when you order!

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    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2013

    These hammers are no joke, swinging these bad boys will make you feel like your strength will grow to levels you didn't know was possible,very much recommended!!

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    Great Equipment for Strongman Training

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2013

    This loadable hammer makes for the best workouts. Heavy on its own, the loadable head makes for even for brutal sessions. I feel like a wonderful monster as I heave through my workout space - what a great product.