Giant B-52's back but limited, really limited

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 1st Apr 2016

Limited B-52's 12 while they last

The B-52 was a giant club, name inspired by ZenKahuna. They are limited because the main bodies are heavy duty tanks that are being weeded out of circulation. The first batch I had was 55 and they went faster than I ever thought they would, then 2, 3, and last batch was 5 have trickled in over the years and have gone as soon as they were made available. These weigh 23 lbs empty, can be loaded with sand to 48 lbs and steel shot 105 lbs!! Lead shot?? Who knows and who could do anything with it!! Here's the link to grab one of the dozen available
We have also listed the Big Fat Modular handle. A new handle for the modular line. Get the Handle, Loading Pin and Collar package or just the handle , andcollar if you already have the loading pin.