Vision of StrongerGrip More awesomeness to come

Posted by Ryan J Pitts on 15th Jun 2017

Hey Strength Seekers

11 years StrongerGrip has been evolving, creating, building.  I have been hustling, I've been dreaming and I'm always taking consistent action.  The SG product line has grown so much that I feel the need to break the products down into separate Brand identities under the SG name.  Grip and feats of strength were what got me going 11 years ago, hence the name and many of the unique grip items.  Since then many, many more gear has been added without thought, just, hey, here's another one!!  I want to make things clearer and also to have you connect more with whatever your favorite gear is and also add some education per group so it's not so mysterious.   Here is my vision.  StrongerGrip will consist of four Brands, each with their own logo, yet all connected. 

Thor Strength Hammers- All things Hammer related

Immortal Grip Gear-   All Things Grip

Majestic Maces & Clubs-  All things Mace and club

Immortal Strength Gear-  All things that have their own unique strength purposes that don't quite fit into the other 3

Doing this will let me focus more on StrongerGrip as a whole, while giving me a focus point for what I am creating and also a clearer vision for keeping up with you the customer as well.  

What can you do to help?  Thanks for asking, I would love it if you would take pics of you and your gear, email or text me at 563-370-2447 or tag me in your social media.  I will use these to share with other seekers of strength that may be new to StrongerGrip gear and not sure how to use or what to get.  

Same with videos, get videos of you and your SG gear. I will put these under the product pages so the world can see you using your favorite tool.  Vids can be shared via youtube and send me the links so I can add them to the SG product that you are using.  

Those that share will be rewarded.  Just not sure how yet:)  My thoughts are discount code and also with the new brand categories, I plan on having t shirts made for each, since they will have their own identifiable logos and such.

That you SO much for supporting StrongerGrip!! Check out this awesome video of the NorsePower Supplement hammer that I made for Christopher of NP.