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Giant B-52's back but limited, really limited

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Limited B-52's 12 while they last

The B-52 was a giant club, name inspired by ZenKahuna. They are limited because the main bodies are heavy duty tanks that are being weeded out of circulation. The first batch I had was 55 and they went faster than I ever thought they would, then 2, 3, and last batch was 5 have trickled in over the years and have gone as soon as they were made available. These weigh 23 lbs empty, can be loaded with sand to 48 lbs and steel shot 105 lbs!! Lead shot?? Who knows and who could do anything with it!! Here's the link to grab one of the dozen available
We have also listed the Big Fat Modular handle. A new handle for the modular line. Get the Handle, Loading Pin and Collar package or just the handle , andcollar if you already have the loading pin.

Strength of the gods in your hands

Hey strength seekersOld school is and always will be the quickest and simplest, way to health and strength. You've seen Rocky with Sly Stallone, I hope!! If not, you probably shouldn't be ready my blog. The old school training that Rocky does, the simple, yet brutal training that he endures, it's what life [...]

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SledgeHammer work is for all ages

Swinging a sledgehammer is and always will be a symbol of work.  Good hard work.  Using a tool so simple, and yet so brutal can bring about strength, coordination and power like no other.  I will be getting into some of the finer points of swinging a sledge this month. Doing some instructional videos to [...]

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Freedom and Health

I want Freedom and I want good health.  Anyone else?  I left my regular job 6 years ago to go full on StrongerGrip.  Freedom from a boss and management was a relief and so worth it.  Health, I have been learning and working on my health since I was 14.  Mental and physical.  I'm a [...]

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The Mighty Hand Trainer is red hot

Hey strength seekers The Mighty Hand Trainer, for the short time its been available is one the most sought after products I've done so far.  Thanks to many people for the support and for sharing this idea.  Here is a video of my buddy Joseph Drellack from Natural Born Killer productions sharing a video. Here's where to [...]

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Performing Heavy Swings

Hey strength seekersOne of my most eye catching and fun feats for me and the participants is the human swing.  It's an apparatus I made years ago and just this year upgraded and added some handle bars, tractor seat and new paint job. It turned out fantastic and fun was had by all.  The handle [...]

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Mace Swinging and Sledge Pounding

Hey strength seekersHere's a look at the Fat handle Short Mace.  A beastly tool . 

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World Armwrestling League and August of Arms

Hey strength seekersWhat an exciting year for StrongerGrip, last year the WAL held their championships which were televised on ESPN2. The Trophies were hammers created by myself and I must say how awesome it was seeing these champs holding the hammer high after winning there division.  This years WAL regionals and championships are done and [...]

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Valkyrie Hammers

Hey Strength seekersA while back I added the sleek Valkyrie hammers.  Much like the Thor hammers, simply smoother and rounder lines. Here are some pictures of the different colors that people have ordered.  If you would like a set, add them to your StrongerGrip cart and if you want them bare metal with clear coat [...]

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